The Rules for Advertising

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The Rules for Advertising

Post by Tatiana on Sun Aug 06, 2017 9:57 am


  • You may advertise your site ONLY on this board, no where else.
  • In order to get your site ad accepted you must also advertise ours on your site as well.
  • No spamming, if you are a spammer you will be booted from the site and your ad will be deleted.
  • Please do not PM anyone and advertising through them, you may not message staff and bug them to have your site advertised on ours. More than likely we will accept a site, but sometimes if we see your site is made up of spams we will most likely NOT accept it.
  • In your ad post please have your site name, a link, important links, and the site affiliate button.
  • We encourage all roleplaying sites, anything is allowed to advertise with us until further notice.
  • Below is our ad button that you will have to put in your ads before we put yours in ours. If it's your first time on this site, put your ad in the First Time board, there you will either be accepted or denied, but normally accepted. If you need to link us back after we've posted on your site first, then go to the Link Back board to toss your site ad up!


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