*IMPORTANT* Rules of Maturity

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*IMPORTANT* Rules of Maturity

Post by Tatiana on Sat Aug 05, 2017 5:31 pm

The Rating System

This site is entirely mature, adult friendly and half the content is rated r/m. For your safety and the people around you, I ask that before you join, you are of 18 years of age or older. If you are under age and are currently reading this, please, come back to us when you are 18 and we can properly meet then! As for now this site remains mature, with that being said here are some basic rules you must follow and the rating system will be below as well.

  • Before you join please be 18 and older. Although, if you're seventeen and are mature enough for a site such as this one then you will be granted permission but if you fail to meet the requirements and act your age, then you will be booted off the site until you have grown up. But note that if you join at 17 you WILL NOT be able to rp sexual content with adult members! This WILL be enforced by staff and if your caught doing this you and the person involved will be either banned or suspended for however long I see fit; depending on the severity and how many times you do it.
  • If you are ever caught lying about your age, you will be banned.
  • If you're ever expected of not being 18 years or older, you will be personally PMed by either an Admin or mod and you will go through a series of "tests" to prove that you are of age.
  • Being an adult you must be mature, so please, no childish drama or whining that you didn't get your way.
  • As this site is mature, of course there will be more mature RPs, so please follow the rating system below when putting up a thread of anything inappropriate.
  • Do not ever, and I mean EVER, comment on someones sexuality or preference, if they are LGBT that is their business. If I find out anyone has made fun of or made rude and snide comments toward others about gender or anything, you will be banned on the spot and don't expect to be returning. Everyone is welcome on this site, whether they identify themselves differently or not.
  • If at any point in time your thread changes from being rated PG-13 to rated R you must state that in the title of your thread, that way others know and it's required.
  • All of these rules will be enforced by staff. Again as stated, do not provide personal information or send pics/nude pics of yourself to others, it will never be accepted on this site. If you are caught doing this well, expect to be banned.

Rating System:

  • G - General audiences. Friendly for all ages.
  • PG-13 - A little mature graphics here and there, but mainly teenager friendly as for adults.
  • R - Restricted. A lot of nasty, freaky and/or kinky shit going down here. It doesn't just have to be sex, it also includes hardcore drugs, alc, abuse, etc.
  • M - Mature. Descriptive sex, drugs, alcohol, abuse, horror, killing, etc. Everything with a little more "action", goes down here.
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