Rules for One-on-One threads

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Rules for One-on-One threads

Post by Tezzy~Moon on Tue Aug 08, 2017 8:45 pm

Welcome to the One-on-One board! It pretty much explains itself, you know, but just to make it is where you put the private threads you do between you and another person. If you want to feel out the relationship between two people, whether that is romantic or not, that goes here. But first, some rules.

— First and foremost, follow site rules.
This is a no-brainer people. We want a people friendly site and that kind of mood tends to become a little ruined if I and the other staff members, have to dull out punishment, know what I mean? So be mindful of rules.
— Secondly, remember the rule of rating.
Everyone here has a choice on whether or not they want to view content that can be classified as higher than P-13. Not everyone wants to see something that can trigger them, so let's help out by remembering to put the rating in the titles.
— Thirdly, be respectful to each other.
I don't care if the other person is your most hated enemy. I will personally come down on you like Armageddon if I catch anyone being rude to another. I understand joking and as long as the other person is offended, it's all good, but let's all try to have the manners I was sure you were raised with.
— Fourth on the agenda, remember that IC opinions are just that.
Don't make it personal, alright? If someone's character doesn't like your's or deems your's as their worst enemy or something like that, don't take it out on the roleplayer themselves. It's not exactly mature. And, for sure, do not use IC actions to harass someone. We are all old enough to be mature, so let's act like it.
— Fifth in my list, do not insist on posting something your partner is uncomfortable with.
It's just common courtesy people. If the person you're roleplaying with is uncomfortable with something, they're uncomfortable. Don't push the subject. If someone does do this, report them and I and the other staff, will look into it. We want this to be a comfortable place for everyone.
— more rules may be added.

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