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Rules and Regulations

Post by Tatiana on Sat Aug 05, 2017 1:53 pm

Welcome to Horse Island 2

Hello! My name is Tatiana, I'm the admin of this site, the top dog if you will. I'm so glad you found your way here! There's so many exciting things to do, absolutely no limits! Well, maybe a few, but not much. First things first, the rules. Yes I know, we all hate rules, but we have to have them. So, please be sure to take the time and read through them, there isn't much, but they're very important.

General Rules:

*Three strikes your out!*

  • Be kind and respectful to the community, don't be rude or throw any racial slurs toward another member. If caught or reported being disrespect and showing your ass, you will be banned. Depending on the severity, you will either be unbanned after being banned for a short period of time or banned for life.
  • Every member here is required and expected to abide by these rules, they are here for your benefit, so don't think you can just get away with "i didn't know" or "it wasn't my fault" because neither of those two things are an excuse for your actions. So please, follow these simple rules and everything will be just peachy.

  • No god-modding, no mary/gary-sues, and especially no perfect/invincible characters. it's just not fun for anyone when someone brings in a character that literally can't be touched, or constantly expresses their characters as the perfect invincible one. It's annoying and in my eyes, childish. Get creative when making your lil cinnabons.

  • This site is semi-advanced, literacy and proper grammar are required, with that being said no text-talk, one-liners, or stupid shit like that.

  • Please, please, pleasseee, I cannot stress this enough.. Post in the most appropriate forum for your characters or sign-up threads. There are specific boards for a reason.

  • Bios that do not correspond to sign up threads are required to be placed in one of the forums under the category 'BREATHE LIFE'. If you do not, it will more than likely be moved to that place and you'll be notified.

  • I encourage freedom of speech and creativity, but use common sense within RPs.

  • If you are a guest and you would like to advertise your site, please only post in the advertise board or it will be removed if posted anywhere else. Also, do not spam a member of this site constantly trying to get them to join, it's rude and quite frankly annoying.

  • Spammers will be banned permanently. You have been warned.

  • You may have multiple accounts if you wish to make a separate one for characters, but please be mindful of how many accounts you make. The most you may have are five. If you want more please feel free to PM an admin or mod providing a good reason for another account.

  • As this site is mature, I ask that any personal information about yourself be left off this site and out of PM.
    For your safety as well as others, don't exchange personal information. You don't want a stalker, do you?

  • As this site is English speaking for the most part, I do encourage other languages! So feel free to RP or even chat in another language as long as you can also speak English.

  • There are no limits as to how you make or portray your characters, if you want them to have a thousand mutations, go right ahead! No one's going to stop you! Just be mindful of power-playing and trying to make your character out to be invincible. I may add a shop later on down the road if this "free-for-all" gets out of hand. But as of right now, there is no shop to buy any additional items for characters, so have fun!

  • Please be respectful and kind to others within the chatbox, if you are caught or reported be rude and degrading, you'll be banned either permanently¬†or for an extended time.
  • Last but surely not least, I ask that you do what staff say. Yes your opinions and suggestions are accepted and appreciated, but don't argue or bash a staff member if you get caught breaking a rule.
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