Canine Guidelines

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Canine Guidelines

Post by Tatiana on Sun Aug 06, 2017 3:00 pm

Welcome to The Canine Realm


Love roleplaying savage beasts with fangs and claws? Well here you can do just that!
You can go as far as making your own pack, leading it, going into war with other packs
and so much more! It's all in your hands, literally, anything is possible here for these
canine beauties. Humans can be introduced at your disposal, so long as you don't
throw up werewolves in this board, save that for the human boards xD But first things
first, the basic rules. xoxo

Important Rules:
1. No copyright; of any material what so ever, if caught stealing someone's art work or anything, you
will be warned or banned. Depending on the severity and if you've done
it before.
2. You may make your own packs and advertise them in the Requests board. Feel free to ask for
the thread (if and when it becomes a total hit!) to be a sticky.
4. Don't bump the threads multiple times every two seconds. Every other week is fine.
5. Don't harass other members about replying to threads, they'll post when they have the time.
6. No stealing any thread ideas that others have made, they worked hard on them. If you want to
duplicate a thread idea, just PM the person and I'm sure they'll let you but of course, put credit
where credit is due.
7. Sign-ups threads are welcomed here! Please post as many as you want, just don't go over board.
8. IC disputes are not allowed to be thrown over to OOC, keep your characters personal values
about another character away from the roleplayer itself. Don't take things personal, really.

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