Equine Guidelines

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Equine Guidelines

Post by Tatiana on Sun Aug 06, 2017 1:54 pm

Welcome to The Horse Realm


This horse realm is very unique! If I do say so myself. There are so many things you can do here,
there is absolutely no restrictions on what goes down. As this board is for horses only, you may
also add in humans (either at your disposal or part of the roleplay itself). It is entirely up to you,
but please don't have any other species in this thread as a major roleplay, it is fine to have NPCs
for your threads, but again remember this is a horse realm. So any breed of Equine is allowed! xo

     Important Rules:   
1. No copyright pictures or anything of that matter, you must have permission to use someone's art
before you post it on this site. Thank you.
2. Don't steal anyone's ideas or biographies, it's rude and you will get warned or banned if
caught doing this.
4. Try not to bump a thread too many times, one it's annoying and secondly a waste of space
and posts.
5. You may toss up as many sign-up threads as you like, just be sure not to do too many at one
time. Risk of having most of them die before you even get to the RP. You may also create your
own herds! If the thread becomes a major hit you can ask staff to sticky your thread!
6. Keep IC disputes out of OOC, it's not personal to you, so don't get too butthurt.
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