Exposing the Truth{Rated M}

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Exposing the Truth{Rated M}

Post by Tezzy~Moon on Wed Aug 09, 2017 12:43 am

Absinthe "Sinthe" Atropine —*:・゚✧
CLASS: Paladin | SKILLS: Beginner Fighter(14) Beginner Intellect(14) | Iliff

And this is our normal trade deals with the Feonix
Absinthe Atropine, or Sinthe as she was known by her pack mates, had, as normal, spent the better part of her day going over past trade deals with their rival pack, the Feonix. As the Iliff, the heir to the alpha of the pack, it was part of her job.
Or, at least that's what she said.
In truth, she tended to go above and beyond. She spent her days engrossed in learning more instead of interacting with her fellow pack mates. Which was odd given that her pack was all about social interaction with each other. Sinthe wasn't that much of a social person. Her idea of being social...was annoying Arthur.
Speaking of which....
Sinthe looked up from her work, her eyes traveling to her door. She had yet to see Arthur that day. Normally, she came across him once or twice and every time she did, she would hide and she would wait. Wait for Arthur to say something to someone else and when he did, she would instantly pick out the lie that almost always seem present in the man's words.
Arthur hated that she knew him well enough that she always knew when he was lying. And she never hesitated to point it out...aloud. There had been a couple of times that she had gotten him in trouble. Once or twice, she had even gotten him slapped by a woman when he lied and told her she was pretty when he didn't think she was.
Sinthe had inwardly died of laughter at those times.
Feeling like she could use a laugh, Sinthe got to her feet. She left her work, and room, behind and went in search of her pack mate, hoping to catch him in a lie so she could annoy him by pointing it out.
What could she say?
It was amusing.

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