Be courteous and polite.

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Be courteous and polite.

Post by Tatiana on Sat Aug 05, 2017 5:57 pm

Gotta LOVE Requests!

Requests are important. They can be helpful when trying to find the perfect roleplay partner or even finding a decent and beautiful thread to rp on. Although, there are some things you have to be careful of and I'm going to jump right into them!

  • Don't become a constant spammer trying to find roleplayers and threads or constantly putting up a thread of yours five times a day. You will get a warning and the thread will be pulled.
  • As I love request forums, for they come in handy, I also do not like to be hounded. That is why if you are being hounded or you are the hounder, report it and stop what you're doing. It's annoying. If you are that impatient then just PM some of your friends. Maybe they'll do a rp with you, but don't be that guy and nag people.
  • Post once every other three weeks of a new roleplay search or thread ad.
  • Be respect and kind to others when you're searching or requesting for rps.
  • These requests can be for certain rps you would enjoy doing, or simply a search for your characters to interact with. You're choice, entirely.
  • This is everything you need to know, if I feel as though more needs to be added here, I will update this and let you all know!

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